The Flight Commander

There's No Room For That...

...In A Room Full Of This

With "Room Full" we set out to achieve the same sense of freedom we'd found when making the first album. It was a challenge, because so much had happened since then. The cover art (below) was commissioned from artist Trevor Neal. He was asked to incorporate as many images from the song lyrics as possible into the painting. Up until this point, we didn't have a title for the album - Trevor thought our song title, "A Room Full Of This" was an appropriate name for the painting, and it seemed logical to call the album that too.



A Room Full Of This - Track List: There are some full song MP3's

Epilogue, The Waterwheel, A Dark Heart, A Room Full Of This, Planecrash On The Sun, Slingshot Buzzard, In The Arc Of The Bow, Lazy, Time To Let Go, Meanwhile 30 Years Later, At One With The Rain, Metamorphosis (We Can Fly), It Sleeps In You.

We tagged on a couple of extra tracks on the CD, which were actually demos we'd done for a more Artery-esque project a few years earlier. They were called:  So Many People, It's Christmas Again (which, by the way is not a hymn!)

Planecrash On The Sun: was released as a single. 
Additional tracks were:  Mister Magpie, In Cairo, The Unknown.

We also did a couple of videos, and there are YouTube movies of Planecrash and Mr. Magpie




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