While I was in Artery, I remember some of Pulp used to come to see us quite often - in fact I think they supported us once - anyway I remember really liking them and became good pals with Jarvis Cocker. They did a great John Peel session which I thought pretty remarkable as they were all so young.

Somewhere along the line, I guess it was when they all left school, Jarvis was looking for new people to work with, and I was kind of already there - I was going out with his sister at the time. I spent the summer of 1983 working on song arrangements with him, and later that year we went into a back street studio to record them. I remember taking my parents' upright piano down there for the duration of the sessions.

Friends and family members were called in for backing vocals and various overdubs, and although there were many moments of frustration - mostly because the engineer would often show up hours late and hung over - I think we captured some special performances, and I must say I really really like the album that resulted. "Pulp - it."

We did a few shows, but by this time I wanted to do other things, and so did Jarvis. Over the next couple of years I still collaborated on Pulp's work, as engineer and producer, and also as their drummer for a short, memorable tour of the south west of England.


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