Flight Commander Solitude and The Snake

Making this album seemed like the next place to go after Artery.
It was a very rewarding experience, and I'm proud of the results, which are not for every one...or...not for just anyone.

Here's a picture of us from those days.

Music & Production  ~ Simon Hinkler 
Lyrics ~ Mark Gouldthorpe

Saskia ~ Backing Vocals,   Fitzroy Douglas ~ Bass on "Hold On Tight"

Engineered by Alan "why's that?" Walker at Input Studio
p&c 1985  A Golden Dawn  GDLP03 
Originally distributed by The Cartel

With acknowledgement to:
Lewis Caroll, Franz Kafka, 
William Burroughs and Tony Perrin

Side One
1. Intro  2. Monkey Men  3. Sand  4. Message From A Dead Man  5. Hold On Tight  6. Dogs In Leather  7. Serpent  8. Hidden For Days
Side Two
9. Another Wild Rose  10. Shipwreck On The Moon  11. Bad Harvest  12. In The Late Afternoon  13. Time And Again  14. Wake Up  15. Wall Of Eyes

Meanwhile, eight years later...

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