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 1.) Effigy L
 2.) Drop In The Ocean L
 3.) Still Waiting L
 4.) Diceman L
 5.) One Man Show L
 6.) North Jersey Train L
 7.) Stranger L
 8.) Breathing My Air L
 9.) Nothing Left To Lose L
10.) The End Starts Here L
11.) Peace 0

"The motivation to write songs came from a period of commuting from New Jersey to NYC. It was a period when I was in a place and situation which seemed to encapsulate so much of what I hate about the world today, so much of what is wrong. Looking out of that train window was like watching a movie of mankind imploding.

I've always believed that songs, and music in general should mean something. I'm also aware of the adage 'write what you know.' So, sitting on that train, fuming with disgust and anger, and deciding to write songs... the result is Lose The Faith."

Simon Hinkler 2007