~ The Reverends ~


Simon Hinkler:
Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Various
Tony Mastandrea:
Bass, Brass, Clarinet, Vocals
Ted Forbes:
Drums, Flute, Vocals
Dana Wingfield:
Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals


After moving back to Taos, New Mexico in 2004 I had been hanging out with some friends, and making music. None of the other guys had played in bands before - we just started banging-out rock classics on the weekends as an excuse to get together in the garage and have a jolly good booze-up. Along the way we appeared in public 3 times...all of them were private parties for people we know.

In 2006, with the band becoming more comfortable and competent, it felt like time to stop doing cover versions, and work on some original material. The next couple of years was a period of trying different styles while keeping it fun and interesting, resulting in a dozen recorded songs.

It was never my intention to release any of this as an album; after all, the whole point of this band was to have more fun than should be allowed, rather than ruin it with thoughts of business. However, some of the songs worked out really well, and I used one song, "Friends" on my 2018 EP "Moving On." I thought I'd share a couple more with you here. Enjoy!


Thank You Lord
Fall Generation

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